FAQ Page

We are located in Miami, Florida. With two international airports (MIA & FLL).Our equipment fits easily into two traveling cases.

Our equipment is powered by high-powered LIPO batteries, meaning the system is quiet and clean. We use the a Brushless gimbal technology so we are able to provide footage that is completely stable and requires no post stabilization.

At a minimum 2- Pilot and Camera Operator. We train our team to work in two’s. Which provides the team with excellent communication skills to execute each shot in an effective way.

We can fly in many conditions but are unable to fly in rain and wind. Being based in Miami has allowed us to gain experience in windy situations but we do not fly in winds higher than 20 MPH.

We are able to set up in less than 10 minutes. Our average flight time is 12-14 minutes but we are able to switch batteries and get back running in less than 5 minutes. We carry several battery packs so we are able to continually flight throughout the day.

We always shoot in the highest possible settings to provide clear and High-Def footage. All our cameras are held by a 3-axis brushless camera gimbal, which provides extremely stable footage.

We currently own and operate a GoPro Hero4 Silver/Black Edition Action Camera ‑ 4K . We are able to mount up to the Sony or Olympus if requested.